Thus, if you’re still craving a tropical destination wedding encounter with no piles of paperwork, this US land needs to be in your radar. Puerto Rico weddings bundles offer astounding inclusions for couples trying to join experience with romance. Have a look at what makes this enchanting locale a top pick for voyagers.

This savoury capital can also be a foodies fantasy, having a touch Mexcla of Spanish, Indian and African dishes offering considerable inspiration to get a destination wedding dinner menu.


Puerto Rico also offers untold swaths of rain forest, which are home to brilliant (and loud) creatures, including mojito-green parrots to interesting lizards and coquis. If you’re traveling with the adventuresome wedding party, head to El Yunque to attempt zip lining, waterfall rappelling and hiking.

Outside the luminescence of town, it is possible to experience natures own light system in the Vieques Bioluminescent Bay, which lights up just like a torch at night thanks to benign microorganisms in the water. Attempt a kayaking trip or a yacht ride through the neon bay during the night to find out its complete glory.

Occasionally, couples must select if they need dreamy shores, unforgettable trips or a rich history as their top priority for his or her destination wedding. Happily, the sole choice you’ll be determining on in Puerto Rico is where to begin your experience first!


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